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  •  June 30, 2020, midnight to Nov. 16, 2020, midnight
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What Is Included In QBank Subscription ?
  • 10000+ Judicial Services Concepts in Q & A Format curated by country’s best faculties and top rank holders across the country.
  • Each Concept –  Bare Act simplification, Case Laws, Inter subject linkage, Current Affair, and Comparative Analysis & Visual Learning for long term retainability.
  • Past Year Flashcards
  • Case Law Flashcards
  • One state Bonus Grand Test Series 
  • Free Gamified Quizzing
  • Two Topper’s Call
How Will QBank Help Me ?
  • Be Exam Ready in first attempt for both Prelims & Mains.
  • Concept Based Visual Learning for Strong Mains Content Foundations
  • Massive Time Saving enabling multiple Revisions
  • Stress free Long Term Retention
  • Strategic Mentorship
  • Smart Learning Past Year High Yield Topics and Case Laws
  • Understand with the help of the Flowchart below
How To Use QBank Concepts ?
  • Ideally an aspirant must ensure coverage of at least 120+ concepts per day, in a duration of 5-6 hours. 
  • Record Maintainance – Jot down Key Points of all new concepts learnt in a day. Revise this before bedtime.
  • Plan for Round Two Revision of QBank after 2-3 months. 
How To Use PYP Pointers & Case Law Flashcards ?
  • PYP Pointers are frequently asked Past year Paper One liners. Case Law Flash cards are Frequently asked Case Laws from Past Year Question Papers.
  • The objective is to be able to revise both sets i.e. 1500-2000 key points one day before the exam to keep them ready to execute.
  • 20 PYPs and 20 CLs must be glimpsed daily in shorter breaks. For eg while eating, tea, brushing, travelling, listening to music etc.
How To Utilize Bonus Grand Test Series And Gamified Quiz ?
  • How to use Bonus Grand Test Series (Single State)
  • How to utilize Gamified Quiz
What Is The Price And Validity Of QBank ?

QBank Subscription is priced at Rs 14499/- and is valid for a tenure of 11 months, which can be extended to 14 months under special circumstances.

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