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Edzorb Law Junior

  •  Jan. 27, 2021, midnight

₹ 21498.00


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Junior Plan Components :

  • 10000+ QBank Concepts 
  • Past Year Papers
  • Mains Answer Writing Training
  • Drafting, Moot Training
  • Legal Lexicon
  • Extended Validity - 16 months 

1) QBank Concepts

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How To Use QBank Concepts ?
  • Ideally an aspirant must ensure coverage of at least 120+ concepts per day, in a duration of 5-6 hours. 
  • Record Maintainance – Jot down Key Points of all new concepts learnt in a day. Revise this before bedtime.
  • Plan for Round Two Revision of QBank after 2-3 months. 
How Will QBank Help Me ?
  • Be Exam Ready in first attempt for both Prelims & Mains.
  • Concept Based Visual Learning for Strong Mains Content Foundations
  • Massive Time Saving enabling multiple Revisions
  • Stress free Long Term Retention
  • Strategic Mentorship
  • Smart Learning Past Year High Yield Topics and Case Laws
  • Understand with the help of the Flowchart below
How To Use PYP Pointers & Case Law Flashcards ?
  • PYP Pointers are frequently asked Past year Paper One liners. Case Law Flash cards are Frequently asked Case Laws from Past Year Question Papers.
  • The objective is to be able to revise both sets i.e. 1500-2000 key points one day before the exam to keep them ready to execute.
  • 20 PYPs and 20 CLs must be glimpsed daily in shorter breaks. For eg while eating, tea, brushing, travelling, listening to music etc.

Drafting, Moot Training and Legal Lexicon : Personal monitoring and guided content.