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Edzorb Pro Plan - 5 Months

₹ 17998.00


Edzorb Pro Plan : Prelims Grand Test Series + EPIC Mains Test Series

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EPIC Mains Test Series Paper I Sample : CLICK HERE


Utilizing EPIC Mains Test Series 

Try to Prepare for each Test in totality considering the State Specific Pattern. Ambience : Noise Free, away from other device/ distractions Timings : As per Actual exam Timings ( preferable ) Strictly adhering Time Limits, and in single seating.

Attempting The Test

The Question Paper will be provided as per the schedule. The Answers to the Questions must be neatly written down on plain A4 size sheets in legible handwriting. Attempt All Questions. Ensure 1 inch Margin on the Left side of the paper. This area will be utilised to add remarks wherever necessary. The submissions must be made within the stipulated time by after scanning and PDF conversion. The Evaluation of the Papers will take place on First Cum First Serve Basis. The Corrected Paper with Remarks & expected value additions in all sub-categories will be provided in 7- 14 days time.

After Test Evaluation

Complete focus on interpreting the person specific pattern of mistakes and directing improvement towards essential improvisation expectations. All pointers must be carefully evaluated and understood. Step wise improvement must be reviewed during personalised discussions with mentors. The Score and Subjective Growth will be monitored by the Edzorb Law Team

Try a State Non Specific Free Mock Exam : Edzorb Law App > Learn Menu > Free Mock Exam 

What Are The Benefits Of State Grand Tests ?
  • Better understanding of the State Specific Key Priority topics. 
  • To compel improvement with Time management. 
  • To reduce exam apprehension. 
  • To allow assessment of weak areas and targeted improvement. 
How To Attempt The Tests ?
  • Try to Prepare for each Mock Test in totality.
  • Ambience : Noise Free, Undisturbed, away from other devices
  • Timings : As per Actual exam Timings ( preferable )
What Are The Components And What Is The Price ?
  • Four Standard Mock Exams  (State specific  Exam Pattern)
  • Distribution – Law Subjects, General knowledge, Language
  • Time duration –  customised according to the designated state.
  • Personalised Performance Analytics will be made available to all enrolled candidates.
  • Price for Single state Grand Test Series is Rs 1499/- 
How To Evaluate Performance Analytics ? 
  • Complete Analytics is available for interpretation and improvement of weak areas. 
  • Review the Report in two criterias : Subject wise Analysis, Time based Analysis.
  • Identify key weak areas and target your improvement.

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