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Share your Stories
Published on Nov. 14, 2020, 2:51 a.m.

Dear Aspirants, 

In the last few days we have received calls, messages, e-mails from few of you regarding the struggles of your preparation. We realise that this journey by it's demanding nature may have precipitated certain amount of uneasiness, discomfort, pain, anger for a few or more. 

If you have been reluctant to share about your mental setup to your close ones

if you are aware of the impact it has on your performance and general well being and 

if you intend to seek help, 

please do take out time to fill out the forms so we can reach out to your problems.

The forms are open to everyone, and we hope that you would be willing to share your stories and encourage others to speak out as you never know how you may end up saving a life.

These are challenging times. We assure that if you hold tight, show some courage and stay consistent, this phase will only bring you enormous glory. 

Link to Form - Share your stories with a counsellor