Elite Plan - Mains Preparation Crash Course

Elite Plan - Mains Preparation Crash Course

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🔥🥁 Announcing Edzorb Elite Plan: EPIC Mains Test Series


What is an Elite Plan for Judiciary Mains Preparation?

Elite Plan is a Mains Oriented Judiciary preparation program consisting of:

EPIC Mains Test Series - 20 Mains Papers

         ✔️ 8 Papers for Law

         ✔️ 4 for Judgment Writing

         ✔️ 4 for Essay Writing

         ✔️ 4 for Translation/Precise Writing

✅ Test Schedule specially curated by Experts

✅ Your State Mains Blueprints with expected 90% topic prediction.

✅ Legal Updates

✅ Case Law Flashcards

✅ Case Law Notes

✅ Mains QBank

✅ Legal Updates

✅ Essay Easy Facts

✅ Translation Notes

✅ Line to Line Feedback 

✅ Evaluation like never before


EPIC Mains Test Series Sample Question Paper: CLICK HERE

EPIC Mains Test Series Sample Evaluation: CLICK HERE


Utilizing Elite Plan: 

  • Try to Prepare for each Test in totality considering the State Specific Pattern.
  • Ambience: Noise Free, away from other devices/distractions
  • It is mandatory to attempt the Elite Plan on Edzorb Study Space by giving prior notification. These are mandatory on-camera paper attempting sessions.
  • Timings: As per Actual Exam Timings (preferable) Strictly adhering to Time Limits and in a single sitting.


Attempting the Test:

  • The Question Paper will be provided as per the schedule.
  • The Answers to the Questions must be neatly written down on plain A4 size sheets in legible handwriting.
  • Attempt All Questions.
  • Ensure a 1-inch Margin on the Left side of the paper. This area will be utilized to add remarks wherever necessary.
  • The submissions must be made via email within the stipulated time after scanning and PDF conversion to mains.edzorblaw@gmail.com. The process of scanning the document should be done by using a proper scanning app.
  • The Evaluation of the Papers will take place on First Cum First Serve Basis.
  • The Corrected Paper with Remarks & expected value additions in all sub-categories will be provided in 7- 14 days of time.


After Test Evaluation:

  • Complete focus on interpreting the person-specific pattern of mistakes and directing improvement towards essential improvisation expectations.
  • All pointers must be carefully evaluated and understood.
  • Step-wise improvement must be reviewed during personalized discussions with mentors.
  • The Score and Subjective Growth will be monitored by the Edzorb Law Team


What Are The Benefits Of State Grand Tests?

  • Better understanding of the State Specific Key Priority topics through Blueprints. 
  • To compel improvement with Time management. 
  • To reduce exam apprehension. 
  • To allow assessment of weak areas and targeted improvement.


How To Attempt The Tests?

  • Try to Prepare for each Mock Test in totality.
  • Ambience: Noise Free, Undisturbed, away from other devices
  • Timings: As per Actual Exam Timings (preferable). Strictly adhering Time Limits and in single seating.


What Are The Components And What Is The Price?

  • 20 Mains Papers (8 papers for Law, 4 for Judgment Writing, 4 for Essay Writing, 4 for Translation/Precise Writing)
  • Time Duration – Customized according to the designated state.
  • Personalized Performance Analytics will be made available to all enrolled candidates.
  • Price for Elite Plan is just Rs 19,998/- 
  • Validity is for 90 days.


How To Evaluate Performance Analytics? 

  • Complete Analytics is available for interpretation and improvement of weak areas. 
  • Review the Report in two criteria: Subject-wise analysis, Time-based Analysis.
  • Identify key weak areas and target your improvement.


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*After purchasing the product, you have to mail to support@edzorblaw.com with the name of the State for which you want to avail the Mains Crash Course.


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