Marks Enhancement Programme 2.0 (MEP Tapasya)

Marks Enhancement Programme 2.0 (MEP Tapasya)

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“Monitoring and evaluation are a sine qua non of continuous improvement. We can't improve when we can't measure.”


If you have ever followed a racing sports competition, you would know that it takes the performance of every lap for a racer to emerge as a winner. And that performance, to be a winner, can never come without personal monitoring, evaluation, and outdoing one’s previous performances.


Similarly, this exam is not just about focusing on results; it needs you to be better than what you were yesterday. This is the reason why aspirants are asked to focus more on their performances rather than results.

understanding, we could help by analyzing their strengths and improvement areas.


The major idea behind this program is based on SWOT Analysis for every student:


So to tackle all your problems, we are coming up with Marks Enhancement Programme 2.0. There will be a dedicated 90 days schedule. You have to strictly follow this schedule on a daily basis.


On every alternate day, you have to give tests. 2 days a week are dedicated towards your Prelims MCQ Tests and 1 day a week is designed for your Mains Subjective Tests. In addition to this, 1 day a week will be dedicated to your essay writing and Judgment writing tests.

* Mains Evaluation is not a part of MEP Tapasya 2.0 but all papers must be attempted On-Camera at Edzorb Study Space.


Schedule Details:

  • Prelims

For Prelims, we will be providing Weekly 2 tests (Subject Specific Tests) comprising 50-200 MCQ each (Altogether 27 Tests from this Section). There will be 3 Full-Length Simulator Mocks for Prelims in the last 15 days.

  • Mains

For Mains, we are providing a proper 90 days Schedule linked with the prior Prelims Syllabus. So here also you will know your weekly targets. For all Mains Paper, there will be weekly tests that you have to attempt on camera at Edzorb Study Space. 

  • Essay

Knowing about the significance of the Essay Paper for high scores in Mains, we also have dedicated 6 Essay Sectional Tests, which will be there every 15 days.

  • Judgment Writing

Judgment writing is an art that can help you in fetching more marks and improving your scores in mains. It can give you an edge over other aspirants. So for this, we also have dedicated 4 Judgment writing Tests, which will be there every 20-25 days.


Additional Information:

Extra Features

There are some added benefits of enrolment in this programme which goes as:

  • Case Law Flashcards
  • PYP Pointers Flashcards
  • Elaborative material for General Knowledge in a visual learning format
  • Regular legal updates
  • Personalized Mentorship Sessions



Just as the preparation of any performance involves dress rehearsals and sports competitions involving field practices, similarly, this is our initiative to help provide a properly stimulating environment and experience to the students just before the examination.


We would like all our students to know, that this Judiciary Journey from an Aspirant to an Officer, is not a sprint but a Marathon, where only those sustain, who blend themselves to be consistent in their efforts and exhibit perseverance along with some over-the-edge sacrifices. Just as every business involves risks to be taken before becoming a success, this exam preparation involves a belief in oneself and the efforts therein. Remember,


“Winners don't do different things, they do things differently.” 


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