Free Legathon 2024

Free Legathon 2024

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Dear Judges in Making👩🏻‍⚖️🧑🏻‍⚖️

🔥 📢 FREE Legathon Quiz from 21st to 27th January

What is Legathon - Law Marathon?

Legathon - the law marathon is a pan-India effort to solve MCQs together, to build a habit of consistency.

How do I participate in the Legathon?

1, Sign Up to the Edzorb Law App. Legathon will go live on January 21st, 2024 and it will be announced on your Dashboard.

2, To participate in the 7-day-long Legathon, you have to solve at least 1 Module of Free QBank Concepts per day, continuously for the given dates. These modules will be made live each day.

What is the purpose of Legathon?

We went back and assessed our interviews with toppers –  and we noticed that 80% of the toppers had highlighted the importance of “consistently” solving QBank.

Out of curiosity, we checked their QBank-solving pattern internally. 100% of the toppers have solved at least 3 modules every day (3 is the minimum, on most days they have solved 5-8 modules)

We also observed that certain students have a short phase where they solve a lot of modules (up to 15) together, with phases without any QBank activity. This was a common pattern, and the Grand Test + Real Exam performance of this group was poor.

The key learning we got from this analysis was: “Your preparation cannot be a sprint. It has to be a Marathon.”

Legathon is a habit-forming tool. To solve this is a simple but critical, performance-defining problem – how to bring consistency to your preparation? What works is constant continuous improvement, every day.

We encourage you to be part of this pan-India consistency-building exercise.


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